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Patient Forms

Below are the Clinical History forms you'll need to complete for your first visit. Our doctors would like to review your Clinical History in preparation for your Consultation. Please complete the Clinical History Form and print it at home and return it to our office prior to the Consultation. The latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to enable the fillable form fields. [Download Acrobat Reader]

Prior to filling out the form, save the blank form to your desktop and complete it on your computer or device. The completed copy can then be attached to an e-mail or scanned and sent to braces@indyortho.com, printed and mailed or faxed to 317-843-0626.

Your First Visit

Prior to beginning treatment, patients and parents visit the office for a consultation appointment. Your consultation will be conducted personally by our doctors, and will provide an opportunity for discussion regarding the type and duration of treatment, as well as other important information. An extremely thorough examination will be completed, and their preliminary findings will be discussed with you at that time. Any additional information that may be necessary to complete a diagnostic work-up will be explained to you, and any questions that you may have will also be addressed at this time.
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After the doctors have reviewed the diagnostic information together, and their work-up is complete, they will meet with you for a treatment conference. Every patient's orthodontic treatment is based on an individualized treatment plan developed by our doctors. The practice's unique patient management system concentrates on state-of-the-art technology (including low-radiation, e-mail capable digital x-rays) and patient-centered aesthetics. At the treatment conference, all of their findings and treatment recommendations will be explained to you. The appropriate treatment options will be discussed with you in detail, and you will be informed of the appropriate time to initiate treatment. Detailed information on treatment fees will also be provided at this appointment.
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Regular Appointments

Office Information The appointment for placing braces takes about 1 hour. There will be follow up appointments for adjustments. Due to recent advances in treatment technology developed by our doctors, most patients are seen for orthodontic adjustments once every 2 to 3 months, not every 3 to 4 weeks, as most people might remember.
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Treatment Fees

Orthodontic treatment fees depend on the complexity of the problem and the duration of treatment. Once our doctors have determined what type of treatment is needed, you will be informed of the exact fee prior to starting treatment.

We recognize that orthodontic treatment is an additional expense for our patients and their parents, and we can make financial arrangements to make treatment affordable to you.
  • To fit your individual needs, we are glad to offer interest free payment options.
  • If full payment is made at the onset of treatment, we offer a book-keeping courtesy to reduce the fee.
  • For your convenience, we accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, which can be set up for automatic monthly payments.
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To make the process easier for you, our orthodontic office will be happy to help in processing your claims by providing you with the appropriate receipts and documentation. If you wish, we will be happy to help with completing forms, and will answer any questions that you may have. We will do whatever we can to make processing your insurance claims as easy as possible.
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