About Our Office

About Our Office

Choosing an orthodontist is a serious decision.

There is a lot to think about when choosing an orthodontist for your family. That decision should be based on the orthodontist's expertise and experience, and a commitment to providing the most advanced orthodontic treatment in a convenient and comfortable office.

Dr. Jeffery Biggs and Dr. Vince Hansen are recognized by their colleagues and patients as consummate professionals and are widely recognized in our community for providing excellent orthodontic treatment for children and adults. Leading orthodontic consultants have rated their office as one of the most distinguished practices in the country.

Due to recent advances in treatment technology developed by Dr. Biggs and Dr. Hansen most patients are seen for orthodontic adjustments once every 8-12 weeks, not every 3 to 4 weeks, as some parents might remember from their own previous treatment. This is due to the enhanced efficiency of Clarity Self Ligating and Smart Clip brackets, manufactured by 3M. In our opinion, these brackets are superior to Damon brackets. In addition, you will be offered the choice of clear braces for no additional fee.

“There is a difference in Orthodontists ... you deserve to have a choice.”

“Make the choice that's right for your family ... schedule a consultation and experience the difference.”

“A referral is not necessary to schedule a consultation.”
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Patient-Friendly Atmosphere

From the very first visit to Biggs-Hansen Orthodontics, it is evident that the doctors and staff strive to provide superior treatment in a pleasant, friendly atmosphere. Video games and wireless Internet access in the reception area create an environment in which kids can be kids, and adults can stay connected to their office or home.
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Personal Consultations

Prior to beginning treatment, patients and parents visit the office for a consultation appointment. Your consultation will be conducted personally by Dr. Biggs or Dr. Hansen, and will provide an opportunity for questions regarding the type and duration of treatment, as well as other important information. Patients are pleased to discover that due to the early intervention utilized by Dr. Biggs and Dr. Hansen, Herbst® and Headgear appliances are not used on their patients. Also, due to this early growth management, the extraction of teeth is now rare.
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State-of-the-Art Treatment

Dr. Biggs and Dr. Hansen have integrated the most advanced technology available in orthodontics into their practice, including digital x-ray technology and 3-D imaging. Computer terminals at each treatment chair allow the doctors to view complete treatment records and images with the click of a mouse. Patients' records can therefore be made available immediately when needed for consultation with your family dentist, or other specialist.
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Individualized Treatment Process

Every patient's orthodontic treatment is based on an individualized treatment plan developed by Dr. Biggs and Dr. Hansen. The practice's unique patient management system concentrates on state-of-the art technology (including low-radiation, e-mail capable digital x-rays) and patient-centered aesthetics. Their success in achieving excellent treatment results, with an appointment sequence that is convenient for patients, has attracted national and international attention. Doctors travel to Indianapolis from all over the world to learn about the treatment process in their office.
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